I think we've all experienced at one time or another in our lives the girl we like a lot but become friends with first. The first two weeks are crucial if you’re trying to get with her. At the end of two weeks if you haven't told her how you feel, you've entered "Friendship Stage" and there's no chance of you two ever being together, that window of opportunity has closed forever!

Here's the breakdown:

Day 1: Wow, I met the most awesome girl last night at my friend’s party. She’s like, THE perfect girl for me. I can’t believe she watches SouthPark too. I thought only dudes, and lesbians watched that show. She’s not a lesbian, I don’t think so anyway. Yeah, no way. She’s so hot. I should probably call her today. Eh, I’ll wait a day, don’t want to come off as needy. Definitely a call tomorrow though, she wants to DO lunch. I’ll do lunch with her. I’ll do it so hard, she won’t even know what happened.

Day 3: So we DID lunch the other day, I even paid for half of it. Anyway, I’m going over her place tomorrow night for a “Sex and the City” and “the L word” marathon. We should be on her bed or a couch or something. Maybe a futon. A sofa would be nice too. What’s the difference between a sofa and a couch? I never got that. I’ll ask her tomorrow, she’ll think I’m deep as sh*t.

Day 6: So my plans to make a move the other night didn’t really pan out. She ended up talking about her ex-boyfriend for a couple hours after the scene where Big ditches Carrie, he’s such an uber-ass. Then she started crying so we cuddled. Definite bonus points, I'm so close to scoring! She had plans this weekend with some other guy, like an old boyfriend or something, I don’t really know. I’m not really mad about it though, I wanted to finish the show anyway. Did I finish the whole series you ask? Abso-fuckin-lutely!!!

Day 9: I called her to see if she wanted to hang out tonight and grab a bite to eat. She said she was heading over to her Ex’s place which made me feel kind of bad. I told her I would pay for her and her ex boyfriends meal if she just saw me, but, like, lets keep it on the cheap, if I’m going to be paying for three meals and all. Maybe Pizza? She said thanks but no thanks. Whatever, more pizza for me. I still wanted to see her though. Maybe I’ll order one for them as a token of good faith?

Day 12: She called me late last night. That’s got to be a good sign. She sounded pretty drunk too. We talked about her ex for hours. She confided in me that they had dirty drunk sex like three times since I saw her last. Then she asked me if I thought she was a slut, obviously I said no and consoled her. I hate that guy so much. He’s smothering her. He’s exactly like Big. He seems like a real asshole though and I think I gave her some sound advice. We definitely bonded a lot during that phone conversation. I’m so IN! We'll be facebook relationship status within the week guaranteed.

Two weeks: I’m going dress shopping with her today. She has to go to some event with her boyfriend’s Mom’s sister or something, I don’t really know.

Oh No! Oh God no…We’re friends! How did I let this happen?

Girls are such bitches, diary. I’m so Carrie right now.