If You Could Only See (How Many Chicks We Used To Get After Shows)
Counting Crows:
A Long December (Since Courtney Cox Stopped Returning My Phone Calls)
The Verve Pipe:
The Freshman (Chicks From Ohio State Really Liked This One Back In 1997)
Gin Blossoms:
Til’ I Hear It From You (We’re Not Quitting The Music Business)
It’s Been A While (Since You Heard Us On The Radio)
Stabbing Westward:
What Do I Have To Do (To Get You To Like Me Again)?!!!
Hangin’ By A Moment (That We Shared. No, Seriously. Remember That Moment When You and Your Girlfriend Used to Love This Song? Where are you? Please, please. Just Talk to Me. What Do You Want From Us? Here’s Some Free Tickets To Our Show Tonight, Hey Where Are You Going? Come Back So…)