The questions I have about the gooch are pretty simple. Why do men have one? Is it really necessary? Would you say a girl has one? If so, should it really be called one? I ponder this everytime i scratch my balls. Let's figure it out.

So the gooch and/or taint has always been a mystery to me. It's just a little patch of skin between the balls & asshole (or for girls, vagina & asshole). It's only use that I have found (for myself) is protection from the asshole. For instance, when a girl goes down on you and decides she wants to hide a finger,the gooch serves as a security checkpoint, telling your body that you need to clinch your ass cheeks or pull your legs together incredibly quick.This is a remarkable tactic that males may find very useful in their everyday sex life. But the question is: What about females? This only poses a problem for the male, because the gooch/taint (we'll call the female one just that for story's sake) also serves as a security checkpoint, but this bouncer isn't qualified to even be called a bouncer. It's purpose is only the delaying factor from conventional sex and full-blown anal sex. Well, you win some, and you lose some.

But here's another question I have. If a man were to get castrated, is he only elongating his gooch/taint? The balls serve as the Great Wall for the gooch/taint. It's distance only spans the points between balls & asshole. But what if one of those points are taken away? Does the gooch/taint live free from the point between penis base & asshole? Or is the penis yet another section? This is a question that i may never come to understand, because i, in fact, like my balls and their placement, and should they be removed, i may be already dead.

So we might have learned a lesson here, while I type this and you read it, but we may never completely understand it's potential or purpose. But remember this: It taint the asshole & it taint balls.