Last nights Heroes was awesometacular, I really really enjoyed it. I was generally surprised that Nathan was actually Sylar! I had no idea, that moment when he had Claire in his study, he was acting so creepy. He was most certainly not acting the way a father should, that hug lingered on for just enough for me to report him to child services.

Nothing has gotten me more excited on this show than Peter’s badassitude. He is finally an interesting character on this show. Sweet scar, he’s blasting Nikki/Jessica, he has all these powers and he sits invisible at a strip club, assumedly so he could burn one out in peace. That moment when Peter squared off with Sylar in the hallway was so ‘Return of the Jedi’ different color radiation powers, pretty reminiscent of Vader and Luke’s light sabers.

Though more ridiculous than that was Mohinder holding the door shut as he tried to get Hiro and Ando to teleport out. How the hell was he doing that, he was leaning up against the door, as flashes of bright radiation is swinging it open. He was holding back presumably the two most powerful ‘people’ on earth just by leaning up against a door? Unless that is Mohinder’s power prevention of entry (I could have used that power when I pledged a frat).

I also liked that Parkman became a real scumbag, mostly because I couldn’t give two shits what he was doing before. He is fucking over people left and right tasering poor little Hiro and hiding his own kid presumably with powers (probably that kid from the previews, I want to give up watching previews but I just can’t).

Speaking of previews what is that little kid’s power? The kid that is presumably more ridiculous than everyone else? Speaking of ridiculous how could they have never found that timeline in Isaac’s loft? Is that the best place for Hiro to set up the Palace of Hirotude? Ok enough of these speaking ofs! Speaking of enough here are some complaints I have about the show

-The plotline is following a plot very similar to that of ‘The Watchmen’ by Alan Moore one of the greatest comics every written.

-It is also similar to ‘The Civil War’ no not the one fought over ‘slavery’ (still don’t believe that exists). I am talking about the Civil War from Marvel Comics, which kind of copied the Watchmen and now Heroes is kind of copying.

-This plotline is also pretty similar to the plot of America, the country that a lot of us live in. Seems as though Jeff Kring is pretty anti-Giuliani.

Also is the Haitian finally dead? Can I rest easy and know that I will remember this tomorrow?

Wait hold on one second there is someone at the door, I will be right back…
Oh Fuck.

The Morning After Heroes 4.30.07

Last nights Heroes was awesometacular, I really really enjoyed it. I was generally surprised that Nathan was actually Sylar! I had no ide…I am having such bad d