“April 02. Pretty regular caterpillar stuff. Saw a scary spider. Ate. Saw leaves.”

“April 05. Feeling lethargic. Waved to the scary spider. Ate. Saw leaves.”

“April 07. Exoskeleton itches. Kind of bored. Leaves.”

“April 09. Great idea: I’m going to impress Scary Spider by wrapping myself in this tight little silk thing and hanging upside down. It’s going to be really awesome.”

“April 10. Almost done, just have to get it around my head. This is a pretty weird thing to do.”

“April 11. Done. Not as neat as I expected, though it does have a certain womb-like charm.”

“April 14. Me-time is nice, I guess. I miss the leaves. Seriously, I’m like starving in here.”

“April 15. As I brood certain worldly truths reveal themselves: Gender is a social construct, as is baseball. Our concept of spacetime is greatly flawed. Cocoons smell after a week. I wonder if Scary Spider has noticed me yet.”

“April 16. Ate my second antenna, the first antenna’s only friend-Whoa. What the hell was that? Hello? Is someone in here? Ow! Oh.”

“April 18. Oh God my back hurts terribly!”

“April 19. The pain in my back increases, but I am optimistic.”

“April 21. Holy God! My back, like razors on fire! Must escape this shithole of my own creation! My back- it’s, it’s exploding! My blood is oozing down my legs! All my bones! I can’t feel my eyes. My eyes! Holy Fuck! Oh fuck! Hello?”

“April 23. A light growing bigger. I am dead. This is it. No more pain, God, no mor- what the…, are, are these wings? They’re, they’re beautiful.”