Dear Facebook,

Hi there, it's the Creepy Stalker Guy. As you no doubt are aware, spring has sprung and the weather is getting much sunnier, which means two things: I have to keep my curtains closed almost the whole day so I don't get glare on my TV screen and, more importantly, chicks in bikinis.

I am writing this letter because, although your site makes it much easier to creep on girls, I feel that you can make this task even easier by implementing a new category under girls' photos. In addition to "photos they own" and "photos owned by others", I think the addition of a "photos in swimwear" designation would save stalkers like yours truly lots of time sifting through page after page of girls dressed in neon-colored headbands apparently going to some 80's party where they don't show any skin. Some of these girls have over 1,000 pictures! With the amount of girls that I stalk, that's a lot of time going through pictures! Help a brother out!

So, in closing, I implore you to implement this new feature. And who knows? If it's popular enough, maybe you can add a "photos in lingerie" or "photos slightly sapphic" section. Thanks again.

Yours truly,
Creepy Stalker Guy