We came across a tragic story today. A young woman named Stacey Snyder was set to graduate last year from Millersville's School of Education. However, the administration decided to refuse her the teaching certificate she had earned after discovering a picture on Myspace of Stacey in a pirate hat and drinking from a cup. The caption was "drunken pirate." Better still, Stacey was of legal drinking age when the photo was taken.

We here at CollegeHumor have long defended college students' right to post drunken photos of themselves online without any repercussions. We MUST NOT allow colleges to yank degrees from perfectly qualified students because of some stupid picture online. If this kind of moronic discrimination continues, nearly 100% of current college students will be denied degrees.

I say we make our voices heard! I say we all change our Facebook and Myspace pictures to the infamous "Drunken Pirate" photo.

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