The bread and butter of CollegeHumor Originals, these comedy videos take satirical aim at everything under the sun. So for instance, not the moon.

Kim Jong Un vs. Vladimir Putin
My Boss Is A Dick Music Video
Insulting The Boss With A Punk Rock Video
CollegeHumor's Open Letter to Miley Cyrus
This Baby Bargains Like The Tea Party
Yay or Nay: Should We Embrace Death?
Superman's Villians Take Over Shark Tank (with Daymond John)
Obama Takes His Shutdown Government to the Apple Store
Yay or Nay: Do We Even Need A Government?
Construction Workers React to "Wrecking Ball"
High TED Talks

High TED Talks

Yay or Nay: Is Meat Murder?
I Wish I Wasn't Jesse's Girl (Breaking Bad Parody)
Breaking Bad Finale Wish Fulfillment
Breaking Bad / Walking Dead Mash-Up
What You're Thinking After Breaking Bad

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