There’s no funny way to talk about the matter of abortion. So, joke aborted. (See? Not funny.) That said, the question of the legality of abortion is critically important to the discussion of women’s rights, rights to privacy, states’ rights, and the role that religious and subjective morality should have in government decisions. Abortion has also played a huge part in increasing the number of times that stodgy old men have spoken the word “vagina” on C-SPAN. I suppose, in the field of abortion, that counts as a silver uterine lining. The six Republican candidates still in the race have a total of 27 children. So in case you were wondering, the conservatives are pretty liberal about getting it on.

    Free speech is a double edged sword.
    Shhh.. I can hear him clawing.
    "For Halloween I wanted to be the most offensive thing I could be.  I came up with the idea of going as an abortion doctor.  This is a picture of me and an aborted fetus."
    To be fair, Cobra Commander is pro-killing-everybody.
    Why all the funny looks, it's still legal, right?
    "Fortunatey for all democrats, it's been a warm spring."
    That's one hell of an abortion.
    Why is this in poor taste? It's about pensions.
    "At these prices, how can you afford not to get one?"
    That's one giant uterus!

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