Things always don't go as planned. Accidents happen. Cars crash. People fall. Stuff breaks. Things get smashed. That's why there are mechanics, hospitals and Internet videos. If it weren't for accidents, we wouldn't have Fails. Fails are just accidents that were caught on video, and then laughed at. Accidents can be pretty funny if no one gets hurt.

    "Mirror accident."
    Boss! I did it again!
    The bicycle magnet is a success!
    Oh, haha, yeah I didn't see that at all.
    Oh boy this is it! My first car chase!
    The driver was probably okay... right?
    The maximum height is not a suggestion.
    Looks like god needs to go back to flight school.
    Don't say we didn't warn you.
    "She was drunk and backed over the gas pump and the station caught on fire. It was her second dui that year." It's amazing how much trust we put in other humans to just not do stuff like that, and how this woman broke that trust.
    "What?! I didn't hit your car, you can't prove anything!"

    Nothing found...

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