Things always don't go as planned. Accidents happen. Cars crash. People fall. Stuff breaks. Things get smashed. That's why there are mechanics, hospitals and Internet videos. If it weren't for accidents, we wouldn't have Fails. Fails are just accidents that were caught on video, and then laughed at. Accidents can be pretty funny if no one gets hurt.

    Chill Dude Is About To Get Arrested
    Police Car Crashes Into Water
    The best insurance policy is honesty.
    All those children dying was just a dream, right?
    "On the last day of school, the University of Calgary (unofficially) holds annual couch races. My friends and I strapped a skateboard and two rollerblades on the bottom of this couch. A photographer from the local paper got this picture of our crash."
    Laugh all you want; my car doubles as a submarine.
    The driver was charged with "being awesome."
    Women drivers, right?
    This can only add to the Denny's decor.

    Nothing found...

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