Things always don't go as planned. Accidents happen. Cars crash. People fall. Stuff breaks. Things get smashed. That's why there are mechanics, hospitals and Internet videos. If it weren't for accidents, we wouldn't have Fails. Fails are just accidents that were caught on video, and then laughed at. Accidents can be pretty funny if no one gets hurt.

    This picture is your report card.
    Damn student drivers.
    "Alright sir, I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the car and take a breathalyser test.""No, sir, I'm going to have to ask YOU to step out of the car."
    Great Halloween costume for your car.
    Nah I figure this truck is 6, maybe 7, feet tall.
    Come on, get up! Pee and rally!
    Wide turns, eh?
    I'm not looking forward to unpacking that.
    "Answer: Pretty fast"
    "Solve: A backhoe weighing 8 tons is on top of a flat-bed trailer and heading east.  The extended shovel arm is made of hardened refined steel and the approaching overpass is made of commercial-grade concrete, reinforced with steel rebar.  When the shovel

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