Things always don't go as planned. Accidents happen. Cars crash. People fall. Stuff breaks. Things get smashed. That's why there are mechanics, hospitals and Internet videos. If it weren't for accidents, we wouldn't have Fails. Fails are just accidents that were caught on video, and then laughed at. Accidents can be pretty funny if no one gets hurt.

    "What?! I didn't hit your car, you can't prove anything!"
    This is the coolest accident ever!
    Boss.... I did it again...
    Help me out, is this ironic?
    Tell me when to cut the wheel.
    Nice move.
    "Who gave us these directions!?"
    Did I do that?
    Talk about fun!
    "What's with the sewing machine?"
    "I'm selling a car with air conditioning."
    I said turn LEFT.

    Nothing found...

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