Things always don't go as planned. Accidents happen. Cars crash. People fall. Stuff breaks. Things get smashed. That's why there are mechanics, hospitals and Internet videos. If it weren't for accidents, we wouldn't have Fails. Fails are just accidents that were caught on video, and then laughed at. Accidents can be pretty funny if no one gets hurt.

    "This is why we don't have nice things."
    Wow, that was hard.
    "Oh Snap."
    It jumped out in front of me. Darndest thing.
    The tide must have gone out.
    I've told you a thousand times - dogs can't drive cars!
    "The plane! The plane!"
    "That parked car jumped out in front of me."
    BETTER drivers wanted.
    The sign's not there for decoration!
    Photoshop: My Anti-Drug.
    I said make a LEFT.

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