A true masterpiece is not just a thing of "beauty" or "talent" or "importance." The greatest piece of artwork is that which can be laughed at by people on the Internet.

    Bodies Complete Ramones Album Art
    Cherub Statue About to Punch Guy in Face
    Lobster Motorcycle
    Keystone Light Beer Pong Table
    Wooden Motorcycle
    Coffee Art Depicts Blow Job
    Guy Gives Roommate $20 via Drawing of Stripper
    Muhammad Ali v. Ryu Street Art
    Floor Tiled with Pennies
    Man Appears to Be Giving Statue a Blow Job
    The 9 CRAZIEST Pizza Box Drawing Requests
    Math Problem Answered with Pictures Instead of Variables
    Kool Aid Man Bursts through Lunch Bag
    Banana Carved into Old-Timey Gun
    Marker the Color of "Small Potatoes"

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