A true masterpiece is not just a thing of "beauty" or "talent" or "importance." The greatest piece of artwork is that which can be laughed at by people on the Internet.

    Blastoise Made of Cheese
    Legoland Sculpture Steals Money from Tourist
    Statue Looks Like It's Grabbing Woman's Head
    Mario on Top of Totem Pole
    Sculpture Depicts Nude Man with Telescope in Butt
    San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Struck by Lightning
    Poop Wrapped in Tin Foil for Sale
    Sign Judges Those Who Take the Escalator
    Art School Boner Memorial
    Insufferable Face Art Make Out Couple
    Happy Little Tree Painting Bob Ross
    Truck Babe Airbrush Fail
    Mona Lisa's Cat
    Tony Panther, Tongue Painter

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