A true masterpiece is not just a thing of "beauty" or "talent" or "importance." The greatest piece of artwork is that which can be laughed at by people on the Internet.

    How to Fix a Stupid Girl in Photoshop
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Van
    Sweetest Day Holiday Card Section
    Steven Hawking Handicap Parking
    Cat in the Hat Drawing Fail
    Bathroom Stall Bro-Tip
    America: Canada's Shorts
    Pizza Guy Draws Dinosaur for Customer
    Post-It Note Creation of Adam
    The 7 Stages of Going to the Gym
    Hello Kitty Kidney
    Hitman Shoots Baby Through Billboard
    Conan O'Brien Rubber Ducky
    Here's What You're Really Saying With Your T-Shirt
    Mustache Sunglasses

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