A true masterpiece is not just a thing of "beauty" or "talent" or "importance." The greatest piece of artwork is that which can be laughed at by people on the Internet.

    The 7 Stages of Going to the Gym
    Hello Kitty Kidney
    Hitman Shoots Baby Through Billboard
    Conan O'Brien Rubber Ducky
    Here's What You're Really Saying With Your T-Shirt
    Mustache Sunglasses
    Dominos Pizza Warrior
    Lego Propane Tank
    Big Lebowski Last Supper
    Vomiting Bookshelf
    Computer with Lotion Dispenser and Tissues
    KFC Family Photo
    Phallic Finger Trick
    Dinosaur Graffiti Bitten Off Building
    Adolf Knitler

    Nothing found...

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