Babies are cute, little versions of humans that are constantly being filmed by their parents. What more could the Internet ask for? (Except, maybe, babies playing with baby animals.)

Goat Enjoys Being Pet by a Baby
Babies Love Spray Bottle
Chick Riding Skateboard
Mini Patton Oswalt
Baby Scared of Evil Laugh
Yoshi's Island Nursery
Bear Wants to Eat Baby
Two-Year-Old Does Yoga
Cute Baby Can't Stay Awake or Asleep
Creepy Laughing Twin Babies
Baby Knows what Admiral Ackbar Says
Baby vs. Dog vs. Camera Staring Contest
This Baby's the Shit
Baby Eating Foot
Baby Plays Harmonica, but he's Faking it
Jack and the Bean Stalk, as Told by  a Two-Year-Old

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