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Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States, despite having the least electable name in the history of time. He was born in Hawaii, which according to some is apparently not part of this country. His campaign in 2008 adopted the word "Hope" as its rallying cry, which marks the high water mark for campaign simplicity and integrity, while simultaneously representing the low water mark for our nation's prospects. He is the cause of all of our economic troubles and falling status on the world stage, according to your grandfather, who is blessed with the ability to disregard the years 2000 - 2008. He is married to Michelle Obama, who many have compared to Jackie O. being that both women married men who became President of the United States. [[[readmore]]] *The Race Race:* The Republican Party is one skiing-related complaint inside a Brooks Brother’s dressing room away from serving up the whitest group of humans ever to go head to head with the nation’s first black president. Are you down with GOP? Then you probably don’t get that reference. *Smoking:* President Obama has been rumored to sneak the occasional cigarette now and then which would explain why upon taking office he stocked the Resolute Desk with Orbit gum and Axe body spray. That way Michelle will be none the wiser.

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