Basketball has more slam dunks and jams than any other sport. Layups, tall people, dribbling, basketballs; the NBA has it all. Even three pointers. Swish!

Look, it's everyone's favorite player, Jichael Mordan.
Backboard Loses Dunk Contest
Caltech Wins First Basketball Game in 26 Years
Blake Griffin Slams Head On Backboard
Crazy French Basketball Game Finish
Awesome Disney-Loving College Basketball Heckler
Justin Bieber Booed at Knicks Game
Best Inbound Pass Ever
Tracy Morgan on Sarah Palin
Fan Upstages Mascot
Utah Jazz Mascot Beats Up Fan
Kid Breaks it Down on Jumbotron
Croation Dunk Team
Game-Winning Backwards Buzzer-Beater
Basketball Hangs Out on the Rim

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