Without bathrooms we'd have no bathroom stalls. No stalls, no phone numbers. No phone numbers, no relationships. And now where would you go to cry without a toilet to cry on?

Cat Immediately Regrets Exploring Bath Tub
Kids Use Team Work to Get to Urinal
Suicidal Paper Towel Dispenser
Guy Stands on Urinals
Do Not Flush Hand Down Toilet
Toilet Out of Order; Please Use Sink
Giant Spider in the Toilet Threatened with Gun
Olympic Divers on the Toilet
Pool Safety Rules for Other Places
Passive Aggressive Notes at the Urinal
Guy Being Pulled out of Toilet Pit
Don't Drink Toilet Water
Port-a-Potties on Fire
Confusing Bathrooms
Leaky Bathroom Ceiling Fixed with Umbrella
Stall reserved for quiet sexual encounters

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