Without bathrooms we'd have no bathroom stalls. No stalls, no phone numbers. No phone numbers, no relationships. And now where would you go to cry without a toilet to cry on?

    Perfect Scary Fake Hand Shower Prank
    9 Expert Modes For Everyday Life
    Urinal Separates the Men from the Boys
    What to Say When Someone Knocks on the Bathroom Door
    McDonald's is Selling Your Waste
    Cee Lo Green's Haiku
    Someone Literally Left a Log in the Toilet
    Where Do I Put the Poo?
    Urinal Looks Totally Not Sketchy At All
    Dog Expresses His Freedom of Opinion
    Police Station Toilet Stolen
    Woman in Bathroom Has KFC Bucket on Head
    Hardly Working: Bathroom Numbers
    Guy Helps Friend Urinate Sideways
    Toilet Man

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