Some people take the death of their parents hard. Others just spend their inheritance on really cool weapons and crusade around Gotham in Batmobiles. The Caped Crusader has always had a place in the heart nerds and normals alike. Being one of the few superheroes without a super power, the Dark Knight has made it possible for extremely rich people to take advantage of poor, mentally unstable villains cry for help.

    Leaked screen test for 'Batman 3'!
    A Birthday Wish
    Get into my apartment now, please
    "Oh look, honey. They have Spiderman backpacks."
    He's Robin Batman of all his coolness.
    So where's Robin? Oh no.... YOU MONSTER!
    Nana-Nananananana-Nananananana-Nana eye-brows!
    Check out the comic book rack on that one!

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