Some people take the death of their parents hard. Others just spend their inheritance on really cool weapons and crusade around Gotham in Batmobiles. The Caped Crusader has always had a place in the heart nerds and normals alike. Being one of the few superheroes without a super power, the Dark Knight has made it possible for extremely rich people to take advantage of poor, mentally unstable villains cry for help.

    Batman is RA at Syracuse University
    Batman Sperm
    Batman Riding Toy Horse
    Bane Holds Up Picture of Batman Sucking Dick
    Batmobile Limo
    Gymnast Faces Off Against Bane
    Bane Dances
    The Gotham Olympics 2016
    Bruce Wayne Throws Another Epic Party
    Mitt Romney As CEO of Bane Capital
    Tiny Batmobile
    10 Pictures of Batman Not Fighting Crime
    The 10 Least Used Bat Gadgets
    Badman Playlist
    Batman Meets Two-Face

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