Bears are big, cuddly, and want to rip your face off the first chance they get. But we've all got a fascination with these terrific and terrifying beasts. From Smokey the Bear to Winnie the Pooh and the Berenstain Bears we've lovingly accepted these creatures into our homes and hearts.

    What's in a Meme?
    God bless Abearica!
    Rational Voice Makes Bear Question Life Choices
    Stupid Weatherman Throws Mic into Bear Pit
    Grizzly Bear Afraid of the Dark
    Wannabe Billy Mays Sells Crappy Back Scratcher
    I can't bear watching.
    Porn is so degrading to female bears.
    Cartoon Bears Are Still Bears
    Their pic a nic basket is full of Cooler Ranch Doritos
    More proof for my theory that God=bear.
    Shark Attack III
    This is why you never pick up bear hitchhikers.

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