beer pong tables

    That's one way to stop people from leaning.
    Sickest Jewish fraternity ever?
    The only thing they're Risking is getting laid now.
    The sound of a ball in a cup is music to my ears.
    "Yeah, it's St. Patty's Day, everyone's Irish tonight!"
    "Now with glow in the dark accessory!"
    Flip Cop
    "We thought, what's more epic than Al Bundy sitting on a couch with Kelly Kapowski, the pink power ranger, Buffy the vampire slayer and Jessica Rabbit? We also were in love with Kelly Bundy but that would just be incestuous to have her there."
    You don't even use balls to hit cups. You use lasers.
    USS BPONG (BPN-69) -  "You sunk my ping pong ball."

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