beer pong

Bad news - "the man" found out about  beer pong.
"My roommate and I were at a party and all these frat-tastic fucks were playing beer pong. Annoyed by polo shirts and popped collars, my roommate grabbed a cup. After pissing into the cup outside, he switched the water/rinse cup with the pee cup. Here is
Beer pong playing beer pong, you just blew my mind.
Beer Pong Upset
"We wanted to have the best costumes but we got so drunk they only lasted about an hour. After that we just looked like idiots with hoola hoops duct taped to our shoulders."
This is a great idea, even after Halloween.
I don't like beer pong... I AM beer pong.
Don't worry, they're only using light beer.
"Cups are for pussies. We dubbed it BIGruit"
Look Ma, No Hands

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