bottle caps

    Guy-on-the-left, I loved your Numa Numa video.
    Your bro-ness is forever immortalized in bottle caps.
    "This table consists of 2240 beer caps and 156 beer bottles. We figured it out that with all the supplies including beer, the total amount of money put into this table is around $3400.  It took about 3 months to finally have everything glued and the plexi
    "We collected caps freshman year. Built it over the summer. Now it is in the living room of our house." Are you getting this Freshman? It's never too early to start saving.
    So that's what West Virginia looks like!
    Done over "one long night."
    Beer pong table made from astroturf.
    "My handbuilt chess set. Yes, that's 636 beer caps. And each kind of piece is made with a corresponding beer brand (i.e. the Castle is Newcastle)." Let's get drunk and play chess!
    "Betsy Ross was an alcohlic."
    This took a lot of drinking.

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