Box cat becomes an office employee. Also, a human.
    For the love of God what more can they take?!?
    The less sense a flash movie makes the better
    How can this NOT be a laxative?
    "I found out that I could order all the boxes and stickers I wanted from the USPS website for free, including free shipping. So I ordered 25 thin square boxes and 10 triangle tubes and built a bar for my dorm room. It's made entirely from boxes and sticke
    I'm busy playing with what came in the box.
    All my creation needs to come to life is a brain.
    I'll skip the breakfast.
    Let's go swimming!
    'Do you guys have anything that doesn't have roast beef in it?''There's the roast beef egg sausage and roast beef - that doesn't have much roast beef.'
    A young Gallagher tries out some new material.
    Looks like she needs another one already.

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