How can this NOT be a laxative?
    "I found out that I could order all the boxes and stickers I wanted from the USPS website for free, including free shipping. So I ordered 25 thin square boxes and 10 triangle tubes and built a bar for my dorm room. It's made entirely from boxes and sticke
    I'm busy playing with what came in the box.
    All my creation needs to come to life is a brain.
    I'll skip the breakfast.
    Let's go swimming!
    'Do you guys have anything that doesn't have roast beef in it?''There's the roast beef egg sausage and roast beef - that doesn't have much roast beef.'
    A young Gallagher tries out some new material.
    Looks like she needs another one already.
    I'd cheeze-it.
    What you are hoping to see with the flowers.
    "Instead of 'storm shelter' they should have named it 'The Shocker Fuck Box 3000'. You can bet your ass, they would've have had more inquiries inside."

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