That's my Jeep, after I ran into a tree coming back from a party.... We couldn't get the side door open so I hooked a chain up to my dad's suburban and tried yankin' it off."
"Interior of my car." Weird, man.
...I feel like I'm forgetting something?!
"Only in Thunder Bay. At least their honnest"
"One of the many officially unofficial stunts over the years involving cars being placed in interesting locations by the University of Saskatchewan Engineers up here in Canada, eh."
"HOT!!! Literally- it says it on the car."
The smallest car you've ever seen.
It's still good, just a little upside down.
Ever see a car almost go up a telephone pole?
I hope this is a girl's car.
That's right, a Lamborghini police car.
Did the personalized tag cost more than the car?

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