Cars have forever been the most financially feasible way of commuting, right after trains, subways, buses, bikes, scooters and any other mode of transportation known to man. The good news is we more than make up for those costs of travel by watching people crash into buildings or drive away from gas stations with the pump still in.

    I REALLY hope Burger King takes credit cards
    No big deal, my civic can drive on water
    You really gotta clean in-between the center console
    Tribute to Speeding Buddies.
    New Kids in the Hall: Car Bangers
    The scariest thing that's ever happened in a volvo
    Well if he's #1 in South Carolina
    Could not fail a crash test worse than this
    Together we can stop bad parking
    Oh. That's how you have sex with a car
    At least he left a note

    Nothing found...

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