Cars have forever been the most financially feasible way of commuting, right after trains, subways, buses, bikes, scooters and any other mode of transportation known to man. The good news is we more than make up for those costs of travel by watching people crash into buildings or drive away from gas stations with the pump still in.

    Woman Forgets Mug on Bumper, Motorcyclist Hands it Back, While Driving
    If Movies Were More Realistic...
    How America Wipes Their Windshield on the 4th of July
    Lego Spoiler
    Dick Cat Sits on Car Getting Washed
    The Angriest Traffic Sign in the World
    Officer Takes Pity on Stalled Car
    Let's Hope Gas Prices Don't Rise
    The Magic Chinatown Bus
    Kia Warns You Not to Buy a Kia
    Awesome Truck Driver Stops To Rescue Kitten
    Deer Literally Runs INTO a Moving Bus
    Is It Me, Or Is This Traffic Moving at a SNAILS Pace?
    Candidate For Worst Driver in the World
    Sad, Sad Driver's Seat

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