Cars have forever been the most financially feasible way of commuting, right after trains, subways, buses, bikes, scooters and any other mode of transportation known to man. The good news is we more than make up for those costs of travel by watching people crash into buildings or drive away from gas stations with the pump still in.

    Monkey Rides on Back of Motorcycle
    Star Wars Highway
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Van
    Steven Hawking Handicap Parking
    Eyelashes on Car's Headlights
    Unpatriotic Hyundai Driver Thinks They're Being Patriotic
    Futuristic Car Looks Futuristic
    Environment-Friendly Waste
    5 Drive Thru Pranks That Haven't Caught On Yet
    Arrested Development Stair Car
    Car on Subway
    Everything's Gone Up Since the 70's
    X-Wing Racer
    Divorcee License Plate
    Shark Swims on Flooded Road

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