Cars have forever been the most financially feasible way of commuting, right after trains, subways, buses, bikes, scooters and any other mode of transportation known to man. The good news is we more than make up for those costs of travel by watching people crash into buildings or drive away from gas stations with the pump still in.

    Dad Publicly Blames Daughter For Car Accident
    Department Of Public Safety Driver Talking AND Texting
    Rednecks Transport Bull In Pickup Truck
    Ghetto Cheetos Car
    Dogs Take Over Pickup Truck
    Relaxed Dog Drives A Car
    Chill Dude Is About To Get Arrested
    Police Department Owns Tank
    Blind Guy Uses White Cane To Drive
    Car Sinks In Background Of No Parking Sign
    Ghetto Cardboard Mazda Grill
    Half Price Car Is Half A Car
    Car Wash Has Best Hand-Job In Town
    Stormtrooper On Motorcycle
    Door Knob Quick-Fix On Car

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