Cars have forever been the most financially feasible way of commuting, right after trains, subways, buses, bikes, scooters and any other mode of transportation known to man. The good news is we more than make up for those costs of travel by watching people crash into buildings or drive away from gas stations with the pump still in.

    Baja Blast License Plate at Taco Bell
    Dr. Phil is Watching You
    Gary Busey Van Commercial
    Ghetto Car Side Mirror
    Insane Car Surfer Somehow Doesn't Die at All
    Insane Pickup Truck Snowbank Jump
    Little Girl Smash
    Terrifying Near-Truck Collision Turns Out Fine
    Car Into House
    Hot Pink Bentley Being Towed
    This Vehicle Protected By Anti-Theft Sticker
    Annoying Car Questionnaire
    Surf The Internet While Driving
    Portable Stripper Pole
    Dog And Cat Windshield Wipers

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