Cats start off as kittens, and the cuteness just doesn't stop. Felines are the purrfect animal for anyone who wants a puss for a pet, and come complete with whiskers and a love of milk.

    Bridge Made of Cats
    Guy Walking Down the Street with a Cat on His Head
    Pelican Tries to Eat Cat
    Cat in Human Clothes Chills Out
    Cat Looks Shocked
    Creepy Cat Lurks Behind Rabbit
    Bill Clinton is a Pussy Magnet
    Mona Lisa's Cat
    Kitty Cat Pizza
    Forever Alone Cat
    Wealthy Cat Decides to Buy a Boat
    Guy Takes His Cats for a Walk
    Cat Plays Shot with a Handgun
    Cat with Cat Spot on its Cat Back
    Cat Does Not Approve of Photo Shoot

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