Cats start off as kittens, and the cuteness just doesn't stop. Felines are the purrfect animal for anyone who wants a puss for a pet, and come complete with whiskers and a love of milk.

    Kitten Has Fun Playing with Computer Screen
    Puppy Lunges at Apathetic Cat
    Anderson Cooper Holding a 37-lb Cat
    Cat Just Wants a Bite, Please
    Cat in Bag Creates Cat-Man Optical Illusion
    Packing Peanuts Stuck to Cat
    Kitten Rolls Around
    Swimmer Scares Cat by Pool
    Dead Cat Used to Ask Girl to Prom
    Hipster Cat Rests Head on Mouse
    Cat and Lizard Cuddling in the Sun
    Cat is a Death Metal Drummer
    Cool Pranks for Cats
    Chihuahua Cuddling with Kitten

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