Cats start off as kittens, and the cuteness just doesn't stop. Felines are the purrfect animal for anyone who wants a puss for a pet, and come complete with whiskers and a love of milk.

    Cat Caught in the Act
    Kitten Loves Girl's Boobs
    Hot Girl Holding Satan's Cat Princess
    Cat Is Scared by Other Cat's Touch
    Cat Chases Laser Pointer
    Cat Looks Exactly Like Batman
    Cat Takes Over the News
    Cat Freaks Out and Lands Smoothly
    Shocking Truth About Cats
    Open the Door. Please. Now.
    Girl Presses Nose (and Cat) Against the Door
    Cat Dumps Other Cat's Head in Toilet
    Paul Scheer Hates Cat Butts
    Cat Takes Self-Portrait on iPad
    Cat Rests on Girl's Boobs

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