cell phone

    Cingular BLOWS.  My bud, fed up with local Cingular service and his shitty reception.  He took matters into his own hands after throwing it against the wall two times.
    Time to switch to a new cell phone plan?
    Wait .. you're breaking up .. let me call the cops.
    "Have you ever seen "There's Something About Mary?"  Well, if you have, and you remember what Ben Stiller looked like in the beginning of the movie with braces, and 70's clothing, you might think this picture is pretty funny.  My friend Megan ran into a g
    Hey ya gotta be responsible, ya know?
    "Yeah, Mom. College is fantastic..."
    A Little Overboard..?
    Seems like she'd have just stuck it in her purse...
    Make my phone holy?
    No wonder she kept it in her pocket!

    Nothing found...

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