The Most Nerve-Wracking Gif You'll See Today or Ever
    Chainsaw Taped to Roomba
    Chainsaw Bike
    I'd watch the feature-length Hollywood movie based on this
    Enough Halloween, back to absurd senior pictures.
    "Do I have to check my boomstick too?" asked Ash.
    A scene from the worst horror movie ever.
    Nothing says matrimony like... a chainsaw?
    RULES FOR CUTTING YOUR OWN FIREWOOD: 1. Park twice as far from the tree as the tree is tall. 2. It helps to notch the tree away from the truck.3. The fact that you live within driving distance of a forest does not  make you a lumberjack.  4. Jus
    Probably the most dangerous way of cutting your hair?
    "The instructor pilot was having an affair with a female student. Her husband found out, and calmly reacted by destroying his airplane with a chainsaw." Alternate theory: a propeller did it. That's why the spacing is so even.

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