Alabama Cheerleader Robot Dance
10 Incredibly Depressing Cheerleaders
Fearless Kid Joins NFL Cheerleaders
Cheerleader Kicked in the Head by Other Cheerleader
Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Call Me Maybe Lip Dub
Cheerleader Kicks Self in the Face
Cheerleader Fail
Awesome Powderpuff Dance Routine
"I think they have a bigger problem than just Weis."
It says something when you're the hottest of a group of 20-something girls who spend their free time doing handsprings. Mostly, it says that you're really hot.
We <3 Penis
"They're out for revenge... Just don't ask them to spell it."
Brunette Day: the Sacramento Kings Dancers are rowdy
Redhead Day 2: NBA Cheerleader Edition

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