The most wonderful time of year. Christmas is the time when people spread joy and goodwill via presents. There's nothing like gift-giving to brighten up the winter. If you don't look forward to seeing Santa Claus every December 25, then you're a regular scrooge. Or you're not Christian, which is a pretty good reason.

Gift-Wrapped Dorm Room
Aggressive Caroling
Reindeer Lawn Ornaments Get Frisky
Australian Snowman
Santa Gets His Christmas Present
Best Holiday Music Jams
Oh No, Christmas Tree! Oh No, Christmas Tree!
Nobody's Happy
Custom Wrapping Paper
Bootyful Christmas
K-Mart is Angry at Christmas
Beer Advent Calendar
What You Say During a Holiday Party, and What You Really Mean
Christmas Tree on a Budget
Twin Christmas (and a Cat)
Christmas Tree Breaks Laws of Physics

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