For some people, college is the best time of their lives. For most, it's the dumbest. Whether it's a huge university or a tiny liberal arts school, every college has its share of stories, legends, and embarrassing photographs.

Harshest College Rejections
Professor Watches Porn During Class, Forgets to Turn Off Projector
Where Do You Sit in a Lecture Hall?
Teacher Obviously Browses Reddit
Dog Student Studied Too Much
College Entrepreneur Starts Condom Delivery Service, Wears Hat
If Dating Worked Like College Apps
Pull Here For Art Diploma
Best Homework Assignment Ever
12 Reasons You Should Be Happy You're in College
What Every Student Group Poster Looks Like
TripAdvisor Reviews of Other People's Homes
A Memo from the Hogwarts Office of Admissions
FSU's Bizarre Winter PSA to Students
20 Questions You Should Never Ask in Class
Quit School

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