For some people, college is the best time of their lives. For most, it's the dumbest. Whether it's a huge university or a tiny liberal arts school, every college has its share of stories, legends, and embarrassing photographs.

Girl Doing Extreme Splits
Tall Guy Removes Ceiling Tile to Exercise
Cops Deal with Scantily Clad Women
Summer Syllabus for Staying Home
Stack of 135 Pizza Boxes
Sign Prohibits Harassing Sleeping Students
Guy Fucks Shit Up Freshman Year
Classy Dorm Door Poster
F U Academy
Test on Einstein Fails at Offering Viable Answers
Leaving Class in Style
CollegeHumor's Dank-Ass Drug Survey Results
Here’s How To Graduate With Dignity
Honest Game of Life
International House Turned into IHOP

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