For some people, college is the best time of their lives. For most, it's the dumbest. Whether it's a huge university or a tiny liberal arts school, every college has its share of stories, legends, and embarrassing photographs.

    "That's a full keg on the table for some 3 on 3."
    Your bro-ness is forever immortalized in bottle caps.
    Fill 'er up with Natty, please.
    New stereotype - Asian people can't hit beer bongs.
    Great, can you wash my hair now?
    "He had to have one free hand to smoke with."
    "Passed around when one of us slays a dragon."
    Bar-owners of America - we want these!
    I [heart] beer, written in beer.
    "This table consists of 2240 beer caps and 156 beer bottles. We figured it out that with all the supplies including beer, the total amount of money put into this table is around $3400.  It took about 3 months to finally have everything glued and the plexi
    Quick Robin, to the beer cave! Oh, you're not 21 yet...
    Minimalist beer pong table.

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