For some people, college is the best time of their lives. For most, it's the dumbest. Whether it's a huge university or a tiny liberal arts school, every college has its share of stories, legends, and embarrassing photographs.

My Second Grade Conception of College
Beer Pong, now for 10 year olds!
"That beer is going straight to my head."
Dennis Hopper Loves PBR
Run beer, run!
The best part? That's not our front yard.
The Bunk Bed Prank
Tulane students report on a crippling weed shortage
"...with added lime and salt flavor."
College Basketball Game Gets Rick Rolled
"We played a drinking game called the Beer Pot for St. Patrick's Day. You pass it around and whoever ends up finishing it wins. He thought he chugged all of it and won."

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