For some people, college is the best time of their lives. For most, it's the dumbest. Whether it's a huge university or a tiny liberal arts school, every college has its share of stories, legends, and embarrassing photographs.

    "We were given two days off to study for finals."
    Good thing you marked where the water cups go.
    "Save the Beer!"
    "Combining two of the greatest games ever invented."
    "This table is set up to play two games at once crossfire style, and it has sunken cup holes, a water filtration system under the table with built in water cups, and a huge Sox logo."
    Get your G.E.D!
    It's not a straw!
    "My friend works as a fork lift Operator at Budweiser in Fort. Collins, CO. Every once in a while he gets something interesting. This is canned water that Bud sent to the Katrina Victims."

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