"Let's get some scuba gear, brah..."
"Dan (asleep) doesn't drink.  Dan fell asleep in our dorm room... so we took it upon ourselves to wake him up with a funnel!  (Sneak Attack Peer Presure)"
One (odd) way to take a beer bong...
Santa threw up down the chimney this year
Massive Beer Pong Anyone????
"We took the beer knight costume to a new level"
"What happens to early birds"
His wang must be the size of his tooth
"Ultimate Beeramid after New Years Party"
Oh you wacky whippernsnappers and your pong 'o beer!
Is there really a way to tell if a BABY is drunk? What, it stumbles around? Pukes? Smells bad? There's not too much of a payoff since you'll just have a normal baby.
Why, what excellent marketing you have!

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