"You think we can sneak it out?"
Well... I guess they were just being helpful?
Say it with me, folks- "COLLEGE!"
"The NEW biggest game of beirut ever played. 5000 cups, 960 beers, no water cups, and about 30 people to a side. All played down to 4 on 4 last cup. It was tough, and few survived."
"This picture is the culmination of cheap liquor, no sleep, three-tier bedding held together with duct tape, and an equal ratio of hot and horny college girls to big-time campus playas." YEA it is!
What else is there to an important day?
"Deer" PETA - We're sorry for posting this image! We were just trying to make a "buck"! Please don't steal our "venison" plans! Ok, that last one was rough.

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