Advertisements are all over TV you're watching, the newspaper or magazine you're reading, the road your driving on, and the Internet you're surfing. Wherever there are people, you can guarantee there will also be commercials trying to sell people products.

Super Bowl Commercial: Hyundai Car CPR
Super Bowl Commercial: MetLife Featuring Every Cartoon
Super Bowl Commercial: Chevy Graduation
Awful, Awful Sauna Pants
Terrible Hawaii 5-0 Subway Product Placement
Mind Blowing Old Spice Ad
Walk of Shame Clothing Commercial
Gary Busey Van Commercial
Crazy Mickey the Beeper King
Crazy German Shoe Ad from the 70's
Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Commercial
Even Worse Version of "Friday" in Kohl's Commercial
Embarrassing Chinese War Sword Demonstration
PS3 Commercial Makes Playing Videogames Sound Awesome

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