"Can I just get mine for here?"
    UW Stout nipples CollegeHumor?
    It's going to be a rough Thursday morning for him.
    Ken's going to be pissed when he sees this.
    That's right, I'm full of myself and a shop lifter.
    Not just a condom, but a used condom.
    Noble intentions, but...
    I'm so good at sex, I make this happen.
    Swinging doors you don't open with your hands.
    Rubber stockings.
    That balloon looks pretty well lubricated.
    "We were running a cable through our dorm ceiling, and unfortunately came across this- a used condom.  We have no idea how old it is, but we also found a can of Milwaukee's Best with the date 1993.  GROSS."

    Nothing found...

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